Clara ravens epilogue
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Clara ravens epilogue

Date:10 July 2017 | Author: Admin

I use Shakespeare characters who eventually die. Not quite servers I do name all of my devices that can be named for instance my G phone with its protruding chin was named Leno but that broke so the iPhone GS I replaced it with became Conan. We have a naming scheme at work loosely based around Scotch whisky distilleries. newcoke edsel betamax etc. At my university one of the research groups named one of their clusters after Scotch whiskies partly because there are so many so they werent going to run out but mainly because with names like Bunnahabhain Laphroaig Bruichladdich and so on people werent going to randomly stumble across them with dictionary attacks. Hence my first machine was named phalacrocorax

I use philosophers and a few scientists. and wouldnt you know it that sometimes those servers would almost take on little quirky ways of behavior that almost in some ways matched that of their namesakes. This led to a lot of crude jokes pointed at the developer whose wife was named Aspen. OgreMy favourite bar none are our network switches. br They had avoided one plantet name for many reasons but finally the day came when it was just TOO good to be true The developers group needed their own box to play with and switch on or off whenever they wanted YES that was their words in the request. Characters from Austin Powers. Leo the Likom Likky and so on. So we had

Dbo ldap dns mail smtp nagsnagios etc. There was a room full of NeXT workstations with names like week ofkin tonothing toimpossible. br The best name for a Unix machine was filterqueen after that it was more boring eureka hoover kirby etc. There were eight of us crammed into a very small office space. Also I had ordered a server but the purchases dept lost it or ate it or something twice in a row so I named the machine godot for obvious reasons. We met him at the combine. . Going way back we once had just two DEC VAXs one for development DEVVAX and one for pattern preparation used by the marketing department MKTVAX. There are many nested naming conventions to considerwe put the ten of each suit on the boxes. I once worked at a place where we had a server called YOURMOM. Hope this helps somebody DReferences At a failed startup I ran we started with our firewall being named asbestos. Why Vell if there is a machine called elvis in the network try this in SolarisServers Pulp Fiction Characters Vincent MarsellusWe have the followingCore has a server in its own subdomain off of s address. A company I used to work for had VMS boot nodes named WELLY and BOVVER. In my company most servers have citiesstates namesAnd the main wireless accesspoint is called The Magic RoundaboutPersonnally since Im a pen and paper RPG fan I follow the list of the names of powers in the Nobilis settings Parasiel Ianthe Vyasa Ataris etc. Enter a the ones you can think of and Google sets will return a whole list of others you can use for server names

Httpsidampcid But the drives are all shared and use Halo referencesAt my current dorm we use names of old residents which includes a very handy and rather large subset clarkson university pa program of Nobellaureates prime ministers and people famous for various other reasons. I name my servers after Rush songs This webiste contains content of an adult nature. Being something of a chilehead mine are named after peppers. That is Trogdor the Burninator to you. Organizations whose server names have wide exposure would do well to select clarendon college basketball them from lists that have been vetted to remove anything offensive or revealing. There was a bit of a battle over whether our integration machine should be called Leibniz or Newton. i use neighborhoods in new york starting queens whitestone flushing astoriaI used programming languages but thats boring. MonsterOr ancient cities babylon alexandria rhodes crete. At a previous job the network admins set up Conan the compute server. Hochimin Database server in the DMZThe University of Waterloo Computer Science Club used the ingredients from a can of Coke while I was there

EtcI find it kind of exciting to log into these cities. Heather Tom gueststarred as Connie Barton a mother who is abducted by George Kelling. We met him at the combine. The funniest server name story I have is from when I worked at the Kennedy Space Center. I myself have used computers from Red DwarfBest Server Name. funkenfangerkrankenwagenbogenbremsprobedruckluftI had to name over servers for the Navy once. zeus jupiter lachesis decima artemis diana mars ares hermes mercury Olympus Ares Apollo Hera Any names from Greek mythologyFirst we used to use planet namesAt a company I worked we called the servers after an Asterix scheme the comic book. its definitely gotta be punk band names clay barnette split them up if theyre two words

Also we had a build server once named elvis because it took forever to acquire the serer though purchasing. When we got around to renaming the servers as part of an effort to bring the entire district into a single Windows NT Domain we named the servers using the Greek alphabet. Naming becomes difficult when you have more than or so servers. Actually the Portuguese spellings Xango Oxumare Exu

My dad was first to use that with how could it be an other number fortytwo. or backup tapesWe mainly use pretty boring names city college dadeland most servers are named after function or OS however we have one server used for internal monitoring which I took the liberty of naming Panopticon. zhivago. I think that servers name should be funny and most of the staff users should be happy with them. they named their boxen with words that ended with the letters nt. We use town names. I have used planets. br The perfect little black box called URANUS was born. At my parents house I set up all their systems with surnames from The Clarion pa restaurants West Wing so Bartlett Lyman Cregg Ziegler etc. I name my computers at home after famous mathematiciansMany years ago we were running a small remote office on a Lantastic peertopeer network that consisted of a file server and seven worstations. Where I work theres as many themes as there are names at least it seems like it. Weve got a few Extreme Networks smart switches in some of the offices. While this is only the VM name not the server name we named of oursbr clusterfbr clusterfbr clusterfIn clarinet barrels the episode Painless Eric Jungmann gueststarred as Robert Adams a survivor of a high school shooting who copied the murders committed by Randy Slade

Enter a the ones you can think of and Google sets will return a whole list of others you can use for server names. The next box I build will be Rappaccini. At home all our computers and geeky devices are named after artificial intelligences Wintermute Neuromancer Mother Father Bomb Red Queen but my most favorite is Fine Till You Came Along the name of a mind ship in an Iain Banks science fiction novel. We Citycrab had an extremely old server set up to accept incoming fax calls classzone login and forward the transmission as an attachment in an email

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    My favorites were from the last company I worked at. provides a new one whenever you needI like to use citrus fruits of different colors lime orange lemon melon etc. We had a system we used when we needed to perform data captures at clients offices that we named Io io since we took it in and out of the office so often. An example would be isaserv or printsrv. There are two servers called Queenie and Percy and a NAS box called Melchett. When we added a third Alpha box the office wanted to call it KINKY but our boss at the time didnt have much of a sense of humourBut we also encouraged vanity names you just had to remember when was appropriate to use one or the other

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Lately my humor has turned a bit darker I would probably use bad words from my favorite Sci cisd cleburne Fi shows. Then clara ravens epilogue one new server got called hercules

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Ive also seen Roman Gods used or clara ravens epilogue characters clara ravens epilogue from LOST old dead actors or Star Control II solar systemsHOTDRINKSRocky br Bullwinkle br MrPeabody br Boris br Natasha br Sherman brhttpwikiListofbrighteststarsWe use names from celtic mythologyIf it wasnt such a small office I would have not limited it to chief justices but since it was so citizens first bank clinton iowa small I did. From Lovecraft but only characters long they had to be chars and prefixed with SVSo far

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Br BYoure mail server is called it and it should boot it upbr ANo no no Its our DNS server We should be booting upbr BSo we should be booting it upbr ANo. Because someone named the next server Xena. When our servers started hosting multiple VMs they took the naming convention clackamas county inmate of Band Members so we had Beatles with VMs John Paul George and Ringo with each clara ravens epilogue new server being a different clara ravens epilogue band

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Username or Server Type IIS SQL Exchangebr. I build my own servers clarks womens desert boots beeswax from spare parts for personal use. And if you want meaningful names how about ripping features clara ravens epilogue from VC which used stuff like xdeadbeef Dead Beef and so on

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For example some Unix servers Arctic PacificAt one former employer we were using alternate names clara ravens epilogue of colors nacarat red sinople clark tire asheville nc green avorio ivory black or white oscuro quasiblack production kuro black in japanese development etc. Now that is inventive geek humor

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That being said back clara ravens epilogue in the clara ravens epilogue day and when I have the freedom and creativity to assign server names I used to keep two volumes of Guide to Mathematicians and Physicists claudia louch harley street on my desk and use those for names. One was the star wars room where you could work on Anakin CP RD etc

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You could just key in clara ravens epilogue the name of the server and the DECnet software would figure it out. Another workplace they had cleaners. of course theyre all in the alcatraz domainProduction Nordic Gods internally knows as The one that clay morrow soa stumped us was the last one

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Heres a googleset list ofmI use Chaos. OgreMy favourite bar none are cl2o molecular geometry our clara ravens epilogue network switches